Tõnis Ennok

Balti Puurkaev OÜ

We use Weltem WHO-175 in a big arched hall (400-500 square meters) where we repair drilling machines. The product has proven its value so far, and we are extremely pleased with the purchase. We have had no setbacks, and the device works without any interruptions. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is portable – you can move it everywhere. We have always had the problem that when we place a heater inside the hall, it starts to heat the entire room, and all this takes a lot of time. Weltem heater is mobile, so we can place the heater in the exact area where we are repairing the machines and the work area gets instantly warm. If the product does indeed have a long life cycle and continues to perform as well as it does, then we can say with confidence that you have brought a SUPERB product to the market!

Anton Lustik

Monetta OÜ

We use the WHO-175 heater mainly on construction sites and have not had any issues within the last 2 months. The device works perfectly.

It has proven especially beneficial during construction outside on the scaffolding. We place it under the scaffolding so that heat can move evenly from below and heat the entire side of the building.

In the construction of private houses, we use it to keep the interior warm during interior finishing works. At first, our biggest fear was the construction dust which could ruin the device, but experience has shown us that if you clean it with compressed air in a dusty environment more often, then it works perfectly in those conditions.

Very economic, especially compared to a diesel cannon, and emits more warmth without creating a draft in the room.

Jüri Hermann

Soojustuse OÜ

We use the heater on construction sites and move it to different rooms when necessary. Dusty conditions have not proven to be a problem if you clean the device once in a while. We purchased the Weltem WHO-115 model, because at first we wanted a device that was not too big and one that would be easy to move. The WHO-115 model does its job well, but we have understood that in our conditions we could actually use an even bigger and more powerful model.

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