Infrared fan heater Weltem WFHO-250

Places of use

Suuremates garaažides, auto- ja traktori hooldustes, põllumajandustehnika hoiustamise hallides, kontoriruumides, kaarhallides, laoruumides, tootmis- või tööstusruumides. Välitingimustes PVC telkides, peotelkides, messitelkides.

Technical information

ModelWFHO 250
Calorific power29 kW
Heated area220 m²
Max calorific value25000 kcal/h
Fuel consumption2,3 l/h
Volume of fuel tank90 l
Remote controlYes
Dimensions970 x 430 x 1804 mm
Electricity consumption275 W
Weight120 kg
Manual temperature adjustment0 - 40 °C
Calorific power
Heated area
Max calorific value
Fuel consumption
Volume of fuel tank
Electricity consumption
WFHO 150
18 kW
130 m²
15000 kcal/h
1,4 l/h
50 l
800 x 430 x 1772 mm
468 W
104 kg
1490 €
WFHO 250
29 kW
220 m²
25000 kcal/h
2,3 l/h
90 l
970 x 430 x 1804 mm
275 W
120 kg
1890 €

Advantages of Weltem:

  • The most energy efficient – fuel consumption less than one litre per hour;
  • Fast and efficient heat distribution, heat transfers on to things and people;
  • Does not dry the air (compared to traditional radiators);
  • The heater can heat up to 215 m2;
  • Easy digital control system with a timer (four programmes);
  • Convenient remote control, enabling to use the device from a distance;
  • High fire safety level (12 security elements);
  • Portable (on wheels);
  • Possible to use in extreme outdoor conditions, such as snow and fog (except for rain);
  • Fuel level indicator display (switches off automatically once fuel runs out);
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Possible to install a 80 mm stainless steel transfer tube (heat tube/condensation tube/flue tube), for the thermal energy released as a result of the combustion process, to be placed in a different room, the 2nd floor or, at most, direct it out of the building, although there is no need for that
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